The Colorado Pet Pantry will temporarily feed Colorado pets, allowing families to increase their ability to care for pets with the goal of keeping them out of shelters and with their families.

How Does Your Donation Help?

Every dollar donated to the Colorado Pet Pantry is worth $5 in pet food. Combine that with the fact that your donation helps a pet stay with its family—keeping the dog or cat out of the shelter where it would need to be housed, fed, walked, cared for, and REHOMED—and your donation makes a huge difference!

Donate Pet Food

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We are volunteer-run and need people to help staff pet food banks, fundraise, work events, grow our partnerships, and more. To learn more, sign up for our email subscription to the right and "checkmark" your volunteer interest. Or, volunteer for an upcoming pet food bank.

Upcoming Pet Food Banks

Check out our list of food banks. We host food banks at each location monthly. Please take a look at the newest schedule at the list above. Clients are eligible to receive food every two months.

2013 Summary

Volunteers gave 735 hours to distribute 10,499 lbs of pet food through two Food Bank Partners helping 426 families in the Denver-metro area to feed 858 pets.

2014 Plan

In 2014, we have already grown to four food bank partners, and we plan to grow to up to five food bank partners by year-end, serving each neighborhood once per month with the goal of ensuring that all families in a neighborhood have the resources to consistently feed their pets, keeping them out of shelters.

Food Bank Partnering

The Colorado Pet Pantry is partnering with local Food Banks to leverage clients that are already vetted (reducing administrative work) and participating in human food bank services. In addition, because the Colorado Pet Pantry will supplement human food banks with pet food, the human food banks will have more confidence that their food and donor dollars are affecting humans and not being passed to the families' pets in times of hardship.

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